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Dudik comes home to unwind from a long day. He turns on his laptop while relaxing on his bed, and looks for some porn. As he finds something of interest, he becomes very horny and begins to stroke his hard cock when all of a sudden, his sister Kate comes to catches him in the act! She becomes interested in what her brother is doing and starts to assist him jerking off.
Dudik CFNM Fever

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Added 2016-02-13
Taking a walk by some water is Sarah and Jen with their friend Arseny. They were having a good time until Arseny decided to be a dickhead and splash Jen with some water.
Arseny CFNM Dogging

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Added 2016-02-12
Gogi and the girls were all sitting around and talking for a while. Gogi just got off of work and needed to shower so the girls offered their own shower for him to use. The girls sat on the couch wondering what was taking him so long and decided to go peek in on him. They found him in the shower mmasturbating! The girls quickly made him get out of the shower and brought him back over to the couch where they would both lend their hands to stroke his cock. The fun got even better when they made him stand up and jerk himself off while the girls teased him by rubbing each others hot bodies!
Gogi CFNM Fever

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Added 2016-02-11
Stacy and Maria are showing their friend Andron how they go about practicing Yoga, but he starts pointing out how they are doing it all wrong. Instantly they get annoyed and decide to teach him a lesson for being such an ass. They force him to take his shirt off, and Stacy binds him up so he can`t fight back much while Maria starts tickling him. He absolutely hates being tickled! The girls then grab some markers nearby, and draw funny pictures all over his body. They soon realize that they should move on to something more evil. Maria and Stacy light little candles, and then drip the piping hot wax over Andron`s body.
Andron CFNM Dogging

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Added 2016-02-10
When Maria and Stacy begin to work out in the huge fitness room they are excited. They don`t have to share space with anyone else for the day.  When Kuzya entered the fitness room they frowned, but were willing to deal with having one more person in the room with them. It wouldn`t be that big of a deal, or so they thought. Kuzya however was in a bad mood and he started taking it out on all the balls in the room kicking them as hard as he could into the walls. When he clobbered one and it hit the girls they were not amused and walked over to see what his major malfunction was. They quickly show him the error of his ways. They tie him up and shove his own sock into his mouth, before continuing to kick his ass. Once they get him totally naked they begin to draw all over his body. Maria and Stacy use a jump rope to wrap around his neck and turn him into their slut puppy. When they tell him he must jerk his own cock until he cums, he laughs which causes them to jerk on his new rope collar and shove his hands onto his meat pole. He jerks on his cock afraid of what these mean bitches will do and when he erupts his jizz they clean it up with his undies and then force him to lick them clean.
Kuzya CFNM Dogging 2

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Added 2016-02-09
Lisa and Monica always felt John had a good eye for makeup. So they summoned him to see just how good of a job he could do. Monica is up first, and swiftly realizes that her assumption about John was a huge mistake, as she was not even remotely pleased with the job he did. What kind of a fuck-up can`t even do a half-assed job at doing that? So they decide to take it out on his poor ass! Lisa and Monica remove all his articles of clothing, and take good look at his polished bum. Monica begins to draw on it with her lipstick, which Trevor is mildly amused by. He then turns back over and the girls begin to stroke a little more than just his ego. Monica runs her fingers up and down his smooth pecker, firmly grabbing a hold of its impressive length, making it as hard as possible. Lisa wanting in on the action and has him lay down on Monica`s lap, giving Lisa even more access to his appetizing, erect member. Monica wanted another glimpse of his delicious ass, so Trevor flipped over again, letting her spread his firm cheeks open.  She was greatly impressed by his buns of steel to say the least! One last time they direct their energy towards his cock. Trevor can`t take the pleasure anymore and shoots his load. He may not be able to apply makeup, but he sure knows how to paint a pretty picture on his stomach!
John CFNM Fever

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Added 2016-02-08
Gleb always sunbathed at the same time every day, and Sarah and Jen knew about this. So when they caught him doing it nude, they decided to swipe his clothes. He had no idea until he tried to get up to get dressed. Standing in shame, covering his cock, Gleb was trying to figure out a way out of the mess before Sarah and Jen came back to tease him.
Gleb CFNM Dogging

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Added 2016-02-07
Johan was putting on his shoes when he noticed a bag on the couch. He peeked inside and saw it was a woman`s skirt and matching shirt. Since he thought he was alone, he wanted to see what he would look like in them. He undressed and tried on the shirt and then slipped on the skirt. As he was looking at himself in women`s clothing in the mirror, Allison and Lisa walked in! They caught him trying on Lisa`s outfit. As if he wasn`t embarrassed enough, the girls wanted pay back and made him jerk off in various different positions.
Johan CFNM Fever

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Added 2016-02-06
Rost can be defined pretty well by one specific phrase,
Rost CFNM Dogging

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Added 2016-02-05
For their third and final interview, Kate and Lisa had Carl come in. After asking him a series of questions, the girls make him stand off and take his shirt off for them. They take control and start taking off his pants and underwear to expose the rest of his body. The girls start touching and jerking off his hard cock, making him shoot his load off.
Carl CFNM Fever

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Added 2016-02-04
After taking care of Philip, the girls feel it`s time to have fun with Adrian. Kate and Stacy lure him into his bedroom, up onto the bed and give him the impression he`ll be getting some action. Boy, is he wrong! They strip off his shirt and then bind him to the bed. Adrian continues to grin, having absolutely no clue what the girls have in store for him. They start tickling him, causing him to go beat read.
Adrian CFNM Dogging

CFNM Photos
Added 2016-02-03
It`s Ann`s birthday, so Kate and Ann decided to have a small birthday party in the office. For their entertainment, girls call in a boy named Zorro to join them. They order him to do a dance and then strip off all of his clothes, one piece at a time... but it`s not enough! Girls get out the whipped cream and start having a little fun with it, then jerk Zorro off!
Zorro CFNM Fever

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Added 2016-02-02
Dennis is a bad boy he gets into all kind of trouble each and everyday. It was no surprised to Mila and Jenny that he was up to his old tricks. They caught him adding graffiti to a wall they went over to stop him. The girls were shocked it was not just pictures, it was a filthy word. How could he do that to their city buildings. They knew he was always in trouble, but apparently the police weren`t doing much to change his ways. They take him down quickly, strip him and make him do some push-ups as they watch. His bareback looks great as he makes those push-ups look easy. They finish stripping him, spank his ass a few time and then put his head inside his shirt. Mila and Jenny decide to write on his body, he did such a great job on the wall, let him see what it is like to have his body written all over. They work their way down to his uncut cock and play with it, making it hard as hell while he is blindfolded by his shirt. They turn him around and play with his pretty ass a bit more before forcing him to jerk and stroke his cock until he explode right there by the building that he was vandalizing. When Jenny and Mila leave him, he is breathing hard, and wondering what the fuck happened, and will it happen again.
Dennis CFNM Dogging 2

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Added 2016-02-01
Stacy and Maria went out to buy a bunch of their favorite magazines. Their friend Marco was already inside, waiting for them to come home. As they head upstairs to go put their magazines away, Marco accidentally runs into them, causing all the magazines to fall on the floor.
Marco CFNM Dogging 2

CFNM Photos
Added 2016-01-31
Petr, Jennifer and Allison were visiting with each other and having a good time. Petr made the girls some nice hot tea, but instead of using sugar, he used salt. When the girls tasted the bad tasting tea, they became angry! Knowing that they had to teach Petr a lesson, the girls made him take off his clothes and put a collar on him to make him their pet dog. The humiliating act wasn`t enough punishment, so the girls decided to jerk Petr off as they sat on the couch in their clothes. Petr learned the hard way how to make tea.
Petr CFNM Fever

CFNM Movies
Added 2016-01-30
Kostik thought that he was slick because no one else was around, and Mila was laying down and catching some rays. So he grabbed his camera and started taking pictures. He`s laughing to himself, lining up the perfect shot. . . BUSTED! Sindy catches him in the act, which wakes up Mila. Now he`s in for it! He gets tossed to the ground as Mila grabs his camera.
Kostik CFNM Dogging

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Added 2016-01-29
Trevor decides to get his girlfriend a gift, and chooses a perfume that he thought she would enjoy. He presents it to her while her friend Lisa is over, and she seems surprised and grateful. Gratefulness quickly turns into sourness when both girls get a whiff of the awful smell that came from the bottle. Trevor didn`t understand why there was a look of disgust on Monica and Lisa`s face, but he quickly finds out that he has to pay the price for getting such a poor gift. Trevor struggles at first, not understanding what is going on, realizing that he was going to be severely punished. He caves and lets the girls strip him down, displaying a sexy, hot bod begging for attention. Almost immediately Monica and Lisa begin jerking off his thick, long shaft. Both girls work his dick into an impressive erection, giving every inch some special attention. Lisa gets an idea, and both women leave announcing they`ll be right back. The poor guy`s naked and confused! While the girls are away, Trevor couldn`t help but notice a porn magazine on the counter. Not being able to help himself, he slowly skims through it, massaging his cock rapidly to all the eye candy before him. He can`t hold out any longer and shoots a giant wad of cum all over his sleek stomach. The girls come back right after, highly disappointed and upset that he finished without them, and made sure to scold him hard. Trevor`s gonna get it worse next time!
Trevor CFNM Fever

CFNM Photos
Added 2016-01-28
Philip and Adrian  invite Kate and Stacy over for a party. Almost right away they get drunk. Kate and Stacy want to play around with the boys one at a time and decide to start with Philip first. They talk him into following them to the bathroom where they quickly start to undress him. He has no idea what's going on but is too wasted to fight back. That's good for the girls, because it makes binding his hands that much easier! They start out by taking clips and pinch his lips and nipples. He winches in pain. To stop him from yelping out loud, Kate places tape over his mouth as well as his eyes so he doesn't see what they're doing.
Philip CFNM Dogging

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Added 2016-01-27


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