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As Allison and Jennifer sat in the living room talking, Jennifer`s back suddenly started to hurt. She was in need of a good massage and decided to call a masseur to come over to relieve her back pain. Zak arrived and started to give Jenniefer a back rub to relive her of her back pain when all of a sudden, Zak touched the girl`s tits! He was going to pay for his mistake! The girls stripped Zak, making him feel embarrassed, but the humiliation only got worse as the girls started to jerk Zak off!
Zak CFNM Fever 2

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Added 2015-07-07
At a local cafe, the girls decide to sit down and have some coffee. When their waitor comes over, one of the girls instantly recognizes him! They grab him by his arm and force him into doing everything they wanted him to do. They started with taking off his shirt and his pants. The humiliation started when they told him to serve them naked and each time he came over, they would perform embarrassing acts on him. Starting with some light spanking, the fun ended with him getting his dick jerked until he came all over their hands, all while laying on their table!
Zorro CFNM Fever 2

CFNM Movies
Added 2015-07-06
The girls order a pizza during their lunch break at work. It was an exhausting morning, and they were very hungry. An hour passed and they wonder where on earth their food was! Finally, 45 minutes later, Gleb, the pizza boy, arrives. They refuse to pay him for being so late, which causes him to beg, saying he'll do anything in order to make up for it. Stacy and Maria whisper to each other and come up with a plan.
Gleb CFNM Dogging 2

CFNM Photos
Added 2015-07-05
Girls made the boys keep their dicks out and they all looked at the magazines together. Before they knew it, Ken and Marco were being told to strip off their clothes and bend over to show their naked asses! The girls were enjoying watching the boys getting naked and exploring their naked bodies. After the girls were done looking and touching them all over, she told them to continue doing what they were doing before they walked back in the room. The two boys sat there and looked through the magazine together while stroking their cocks in front of Lisa and her girl friend while they watched them!
Ken Marco CFNM Fever 2

CFNM Movies
Added 2015-07-04
After taking care of Philip, the girls feel it`s time to have fun with Adrian. Kate and Stacy lure him into his bedroom, up onto the bed and give him the impression he`ll be getting some action. Boy, is he wrong! They strip off his shirt and then bind him to the bed. Adrian continues to grin, having absolutely no clue what the girls have in store for him. They start tickling him, causing him to go beat read.
Adrian CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2015-07-03
Johan was putting on his shoes when he noticed a bag on the couch. He peeked inside and saw it was a woman`s skirt and matching shirt. Since he thought he was alone, he wanted to see what he would look like in them. He undressed and tried on the shirt and then slipped on the skirt. As he was looking at himself in women`s clothing in the mirror, Allison and Lisa walked in! They caught him trying on Lisa`s outfit. As if he wasn`t embarrassed enough, the girls wanted pay back and made him jerk off in various different positions.
Johan CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-07-02
Taking a walk by some water is Sarah and Jen with their friend Arseny. They were having a good time until Arseny decided to be a dickhead and splash Jen with some water.
Arseny CFNM Dogging

CFNM Photos
Added 2015-07-01
Stasy and Missy were having a fun time playing pool, just fucking around and knocking the balls around. Unfortunately for them, Zhenya showed up and had other ideas on what was fun.
Zhenya CFNM Dogging 2

CFNM Movies
Added 2015-06-30
Willy needed some help with learning how to paint and the girls agreed to help him. When he was done, his painting was really bad! The girls decided that he needed to be taught a lesson and came up with the idea to strip him naked and then paint all over his body! They made Willy bend over on the bed so they could paint on his ass, then brought out the whipped cream to spray on him as well. The humiliation didn`t stop there, though! The girls told him to sit down and they began taking turns stroking his hard cock until the point of climax!
Willy CFNM Fever

CFNM Photos
Added 2015-06-29
Stas thought that he was alone with his thoughts in his tent. He was stroking his cock with his eyes closed, and when he opened them, he saw Jen and Sarah staring back at him! He tried to button up, but it was too late.
Stas CFNM Dogging

CFNM Photos
Added 2015-06-28
Ken and Marco sat down with their friend Lisa and were talking about the pressures of studying. While Kate flipped through her college text book, the guys flipped through a nude magazine and looked at provocative pictures of hot naked women. Suddenly Lisa got a phone call and had to leave boys alone for some time. While she was away, the boys continued to look through the naughty magazines together. They ended up getting so aroused, that they pulled out their cocks and started to jerk off. To their surprise, Lisa had come back into the room earlier than what they thought, and she brought a friend of hers! They felt so embarrassed and wanted to quickly stuff their hard cocks back into their pants, but Lisa and her friend had something better in mind... (To be continued...)
Ken Marco CFNM Fever 1

CFNM Movies
Added 2015-06-27
Philip and Adrian  invite Kate and Stacy over for a party. Almost right away they get drunk. Kate and Stacy want to play around with the boys one at a time and decide to start with Philip first. They talk him into following them to the bathroom where they quickly start to undress him. He has no idea what's going on but is too wasted to fight back. That's good for the girls, because it makes binding his hands that much easier! They start out by taking clips and pinch his lips and nipples. He winches in pain. To stop him from yelping out loud, Kate places tape over his mouth as well as his eyes so he doesn't see what they're doing.
Philip CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2015-06-26
Kate and Lisa are in the office working when all of a sudden, the light above them burns out. They call in an electrician to fix it. Jirik comes in a couple of minutes later and starts to fix it. The girls think Jirik is a cute guy and want to have a little fun with him. They start to strip off his work clothes, make him bend over to show his ass before making him cum.
Jirik CFNM Fever

CFNM Photos
Added 2015-06-25
Stasy and Missy were having a good time at the restaurant talking about how well their day had gone. They were relaxing and having a few smokes when Grinja came along to clear off the table. He was just about done when he picked up the ashtray and mistakenly dumped it all over Stasy. Stasy was furious with Grinja's carelessness, and decided that they should let him have it. They sat Grinja in between them so he couldn't get away, and then started smoking right in his face. They smacked him around a bit and ordered him to take off his shirt before taping his mouth shut so no one can hear him. They then tied his hands behind his back and threw him on the table because it was time to give this bad boy a makeover! After they relieved him of his pants, Stasy whipped out some of her makeup, and they dolled him up with some foundation and eyeliner. Grinja was mortified, hoping that no one would come in and see him like this. After they finished making him look his very feminine best, they pulled down his underwear and spanked him, turning his ass a lovely hue of red.
Grinja CFNM Dogging

CFNM Photos
Added 2015-06-24
Willy needed some help with learning how to paint and the girls agreed to help him. When he was done, his painting was really bad! The girls decided that he needed to be taught a lesson and came up with the idea to strip him naked and then paint all over his body! They made Willy bend over on the bed so they could paint on his ass, then brought out the whipped cream to spray on him as well. The humiliation didn`t stop there, though! The girls told him to sit down and they began taking turns stroking his hard cock until the point of climax!
Willy CFNM Fever

CFNM Movies
Added 2015-06-23
When Murom went hiking through the woods he happened upon Mila and Jenny camping out. The girls were having a great time in their tent kissing and touching each other. That is until they caught this loser looking in at them and snickering. How dare he sneak up on their private moments, how dare he snicker at their true love. Jenny and Mila jump up and knock Murom down on the ground. They want to show him what he gets for peeking and snooping on a couple camping. He doesn`t understand what is happening to him these two girls are kicking his ass and he is quite shocked. They make him pay with push-ups and they ride him like a pony and destroy any shred of humility that he might have as they continue to undress him and make fun of his man body. They really put this guy through the wringer as they continue to abuse his body, giving him a hard hand spanking that he won`t ever forget. When they were almost finished with him, they had him lie down and play with his cock for them. They demanded that he continue to stroke that meat until he exploded and he shot his cum all over the forest floor. They gave him his clothes at that point and told him to get lost and stop peeking in at people. He did exactly what they told him and he ran off into the woods a changed guy.
Murom CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2015-06-22
Stacy and Maria always wanted to play doctor, but never thought in a million years would they get a chance. Today just so happens to be their lucky day! Their good friend Kate calls them up, and asks if they could take her place at the clinic since she was ill. She says she only has two boys coming in for a check up, so the job shouldn`t be too complicated for them. Excitedly, they agree. Their first patient was a cute boy named Stephan. They ask him to please take off all his clothes besides his underwear and lay on the table. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Just you wait. They politely ask him to turn over so they can examine his back. Both Stacy and Maria begin pinching and poking at his smooth behind. As they turn him back over he begins to wonder what on earth is going on. So they don`t have to deal with him struggling, they tie him up against the table. Making sure he doesn`t complain as well, they gag him with one of his socks. Quickly they get to work, drawing all over his body with a permanent marker. Despite being tortured, he finds himself soon sporting a very big hard on. The girls quickly notice, and eventually decide to let him free, feeling he has suffered enough of their abuse. He doesn`t hesitate to pump away at his cock, and almost right away cums. Time for the next patient!
Stepan CFNM Dogging 2

CFNM Photos
Added 2015-06-21
For their third and final interview, Kate and Lisa had Carl come in. After asking him a series of questions, the girls make him stand off and take his shirt off for them. They take control and start taking off his pants and underwear to expose the rest of his body. The girls start touching and jerking off his hard cock, making him shoot his load off.
Carl CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-06-20


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