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Philip and Adrian  invite Kate and Stacy over for a party. Almost right away they get drunk. Kate and Stacy want to play around with the boys one at a time and decide to start with Philip first. They talk him into following them to the bathroom where they quickly start to undress him. He has no idea what's going on but is too wasted to fight back. That's good for the girls, because it makes binding his hands that much easier! They start out by taking clips and pinch his lips and nipples. He winches in pain. To stop him from yelping out loud, Kate places tape over his mouth as well as his eyes so he doesn't see what they're doing.
Philip CFNM Dogging

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Added 2014-10-22
While Sarah and Jen were changing clothes in the woods, Oleg the pervert was standing behind a tree. He could see Jen`s tits in full view, and damn near busted a nut before he got caught. He tried quickly to cover his pecker, but they jumped on him and scolded him while pulling off his clothes.
Oleg CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-10-21
Lisa came back from shopping and wants to show her new clothes to Kate. She decides to try on some of her new clothes but then catches her co-worker Cigan peeking through the door at her. She orders to come in the office, makes him take his shirt off and try on some of her new clothes to humiliate him. The girls take his pants off, sit him down on the office couch, and order him in masturbate while they watch.
Cigan CFNM Fever

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Added 2014-10-20
When Maria and Stacy attempt to work on their artwork, Ruslik comes by to say hi. At first the girls didn`t mind him hanging out while they worked on their art homework.  When he told Stacy he could draw Maria better then she could and then proceeded to mess up her already completed artwork she exploded. All that hard work down the drain, how could he do something like that. They pushed him down on an art table and began to undress him. They tie his hands behind his back and push him down so that Maria can bust his ass with her leather flogger. She just happened to have her leather flogger with her. Then they make him do push-ups as they lash his ass everytime he pushes up. When they are done abusing his body they shove him down. Maria and Stacy then make him jerk his cock until he explodes a huge load. He doesn`t understand why the girls have gotten into the art supplies and grabbed sable paint brushes until they begin to use his milk as a new art medium. They use those brushes full of cum to scribble all over his body and even paint his mouth with a heavy dose of his love juice. He can`t believe how mean these girls are and when they send him out of the art room into the halls naked and sticky with cum he is totally humiliated.
Ruslik CFNM Dogging 3

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Added 2014-10-19
Allison and Lisa were studying for school when all of a sudden, a robber came in! The girls were in panic for a while, but Lisa discovered that the gun the guy had was just a toy. She laughed and girls decided to reverse roles. They tied Jonny up and then unmasked him. They made him do as he was told at gun point. Now he was going to have to pay! The girls told him to get naked and then they started spanking him for his bad ways. The girls sat him down on the couch and made him stroke his limp dick until it got hard. Since it was embarrassing for him to be naked in front of two hot clothed girls, he needed a little help. The girls stroked him off until his dick exploded all over!
Jonny CFNM Fever

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Added 2014-10-18
Efim is working out at the gym before closing. He doesn`t see two girls, Laura and Stacy come in, and almost hits them with a sports shell.
Efim CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-10-17
Sarah and Jen were walking through the park when they came across Andrey with his notepad.
Andrey CFNM Dogging

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Added 2014-10-16
There was a very obvious
Willy CFNM Fever 2

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Added 2014-10-15
Looks like Ruslik had a little too much to drink. And it`s only the afternoon! What a drunk! Unfortunately for him, he was stumbling down the same path that Sarah and Jen were going down, and once he came close to running into them, he has gone too far. It was time to punish and humiliate this sauced bastard right away.
Ruslik CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-10-14
Petr, Jennifer and Allison were visiting with each other and having a good time. Petr made the girls some nice hot tea, but instead of using sugar, he used salt. When the girls tasted the bad tasting tea, they became angry! Knowing that they had to teach Petr a lesson, the girls made him take off his clothes and put a collar on him to make him their pet dog. The humiliating act wasn`t enough punishment, so the girls decided to jerk Petr off as they sat on the couch in their clothes. Petr learned the hard way how to make tea.
Petr CFNM Fever

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Added 2014-10-13
When Murom went hiking through the woods he happened upon Mila and Jenny camping out. The girls were having a great time in their tent kissing and touching each other. That is until they caught this loser looking in at them and snickering. How dare he sneak up on their private moments, how dare he snicker at their true love. Jenny and Mila jump up and knock Murom down on the ground. They want to show him what he gets for peeking and snooping on a couple camping. He doesn`t understand what is happening to him these two girls are kicking his ass and he is quite shocked. They make him pay with push-ups and they ride him like a pony and destroy any shred of humility that he might have as they continue to undress him and make fun of his man body. They really put this guy through the wringer as they continue to abuse his body, giving him a hard hand spanking that he won`t ever forget. When they were almost finished with him, they had him lie down and play with his cock for them. They demanded that he continue to stroke that meat until he exploded and he shot his cum all over the forest floor. They gave him his clothes at that point and told him to get lost and stop peeking in at people. He did exactly what they told him and he ran off into the woods a changed guy.
Murom CFNM Dogging

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Added 2014-10-12
Slava thought that he was in a secluded area, and after thinking about girls all day, he figured that he could get a quick jerk in before going back home. It was a thrill being outdoors like that, but he thought there was no chance of anyone showing up. Well, not only were there people around, Stasy and Missy were around, and they were all too eager to humiliate poor horny Slava now that he was caught jerking it.
Slava CFNM Dogging 2

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-10-11
Milos is bored at work decides to search for something of interest on his laptop, and nothing is more interesting than porn. He starts to unzip his jeans and begins a good stroking session. His co-workers, Ann and Kate, walk in on him. At first, they become angry at him but then decide to teach him a hard lesson. They strip off his clothes, ride him like a horse to humiliate him, then they jerk him off.
Milos CFNM Fever

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Added 2014-10-10
Laura and Stacy just finished having a party, and are getting ready to go to bed. As they are heading up to their rooms, they find that one of their guests, Kuzya, is completely passed out on their stairwell. Not taking too kindly to him making himself at home, they decide to punish him before kicking him out. Laura strips off his clothes, leaving him in nothing but underwear and Stacy checks to see if there`s any other guests that decided to stick around. As Laura binds him to the stairwell, she notices that Kuzya starts waking up, but is still too drunk to fight back. Both girls grab some party paint pens, and begin drawing all over him.
Kuzya CFNM Dogging

CFNM Photos
Added 2014-10-09
Trevor decides to get his girlfriend a gift, and chooses a perfume that he thought she would enjoy. He presents it to her while her friend Lisa is over, and she seems surprised and grateful. Gratefulness quickly turns into sourness when both girls get a whiff of the awful smell that came from the bottle. Trevor didn`t understand why there was a look of disgust on Monica and Lisa`s face, but he quickly finds out that he has to pay the price for getting such a poor gift. Trevor struggles at first, not understanding what is going on, realizing that he was going to be severely punished. He caves and lets the girls strip him down, displaying a sexy, hot bod begging for attention. Almost immediately Monica and Lisa begin jerking off his thick, long shaft. Both girls work his dick into an impressive erection, giving every inch some special attention. Lisa gets an idea, and both women leave announcing they`ll be right back. The poor guy`s naked and confused! While the girls are away, Trevor couldn`t help but notice a porn magazine on the counter. Not being able to help himself, he slowly skims through it, massaging his cock rapidly to all the eye candy before him. He can`t hold out any longer and shoots a giant wad of cum all over his sleek stomach. The girls come back right after, highly disappointed and upset that he finished without them, and made sure to scold him hard. Trevor`s gonna get it worse next time!
Trevor CFNM Fever

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-10-08
Rodion wasn`t really doing anything wrong; he just really needed to pee badly, and picked the wrong time and the wrong spot to do it in. As he pulled out his cock to empty his bladder, he heard a rustling behind the trees.
Rodion CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-10-07
Pepa is the second guy Kate and Lisa have to interview for the job opening. He`s really nervous and he has no idea how horrifying the interview is about to get. The girls walk over to Carl and start lifting his shirt and pulling down his pants to inspect his hard body. The order him to start stroking his cock as they watch before finishing him off.
Pepa CFNM Fever

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Added 2014-10-06
Zhenya supposedly knew the right way to get to go to get to the party, but when he got them lost along the shortcut, Stacy and Maria decided that enough was enough, and they would make him pay for being such a dumbass. Zhenya tried to reason with the girls to try and get out of the punishment, but with his clothes already off, the party was starting early. With his hands bound, there was nothing he could do to stop them. He was at their mercy along the train tracks, as they made him bend over and get spanked, take them for rides on his back, and carry them around. If anyone passed by, they would see this embarrassing sight for sure! They bound his mouth and arms, and tortured him with water. He was kind of hysterical after a bit of
Zhenya CFNM Dogging

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Added 2014-10-05


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