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Aslan was Maria and Stacy`s next victim, I mean patient for the day. They asked him to remove all his clothes except his underwear, and hop onto the table. Next, they came up with a hilarious plan.
Aslan CFNM Dogging

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Added 2015-03-01

Max CFNM Dogging

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Added 2015-02-28
Monica and Lisa were looking for a new roommate, and decide to hold interviews to find one. Bobby was the first one up, and immediately both girls wanted to get to know him better on a more personal level. They coax him onto the bed, flirtingly asking him if they could check and see if he lives up to their standards. Hungrily he says yes and lets the girls strip him down to his underwear. They admire his gorgeous body and let him know he passed test #1. Ready for the next challenge, they take off his underwear, and begin fondling his remarkable ass. Monica then pulls out a porn magazine, and starts smacking the smooth mound of flesh, checking its durability. Test #2 passed. While looking at the magazine, Bobby points something out and Monica chooses to reenact it. She positions herself behind him and begins to massage his hard cock with her feet. Although quite ticklish at first, it begins to turn him on even more and begs for Lisa to continue playing with his dick. Monica wants to test out another picture she saw, and takes a hair dryer and heats up Trevor`s already boiling hot shaft. She then turns him around and gives his beautiful, smooth ass a good heating up as well. Now to pass the last trial, they make Trevor stroke himself to orgasm, ejaculating sticky jizz all over his body. It`s unanimous; the girls have a new roommate!
Bobby CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-02-27
Doing graffiti is something that Ruslik loves doing in his spare time, and usually doesn`t get caught. Of course he didn`t think it was anything when Stacy and Maria caught him. But he was about to find out that Stacy and Maria don`t take kindly to bad boys.
Ruslik CFNM Dogging 2

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Added 2015-02-26
Kate and Lisa are working at the office when the cleaning guy, Zak, walks in to vacuum the office floor. They allow Zak to do his cleaning, but then decide to have a lot of fun with him. First they strip off his clothes together, then start to explore his body and finishes him off with a good jerking session.
Zak CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-02-25
Jennifer was over at her friends apartment that was in need of some cleaning. She told Allison of a cleaning service that she used once before but that the guy had almost broke one of her vases in the process. Giving the service another shot, the girls called the cleaning service and had them send someone over. The guy the service sent over was the same guy who Jennifer had hired! When she recognized him, Jennifer knew that they had to humiliate him! The girls made him strip nude and had him clean the apartment totally naked, then made Ken jerk off as they watched.
Ken CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-02-23
Blonde goddesses Maria and Stacy were enjoying their day, having a smoke, walking around, and then things got a bit frisky for them. They began making out on the path, and Kostya caught all the action while he was taking a piss. Since he already had his cock in his hand, he started beating off to the sight of them getting nude with each other. You should have found a bigger tree to hide behind, Kostya. They immediately caught him with his first moan, and ran over to dish out a severe punishment. Stripped nude and looking for a place to hide, Maria and Stacy made him get down on the ground, kicking him, and then made him carry them around like the princesses they are. Now he had no way to conceal himself from the world, and this is a well-trodden path! Since he liked looking at them being intimate, they thought that they`d give him a show while forcing him to masturbate. This was definitely not what he wanted, because he could at least hide a bit before. Now he was in full view and being forced to touch himself. They rubbed him and each other, taking off their shirts and squeezing their tits while he was getting ready to cum. He shot his sticky jizz all over himself to the delight of the girls, who quickly gathered their shirts and left him covered in sticky man goo. Kostya needs a lesson in being a good boy!
Kostya CFNM Dogging

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Added 2015-02-22
It was Nick`s job to clean the apartment because Lisa was too busy with work during the week to do it herself, and Nick has no job. Despite this fact, Nick felt completely unmotivated to do the chores, and when he did actually try, he did a poor job. What else could Lisa and Monica do besides shame the dumb boy to make him realize how sad it was that he couldn`t do this menial task? The girls tell him to get onto the table and prepared him for a thorough inspection. First on the list was his sleek, bare bottom. Everything looked fine at a glance, but Monica knew she had to go in for a deeper inspection. She spreads them slightly and rubs a cleaner through his crack. His hot ass passes flawlessly. Next on the agenda is his thick shaft. Once again he passes. Both women feel he`s too clean though, and needs to get a bit dirty, so Lisa pours ice-cold sherbet all over his smooth, hairless chest. The shock of the temperature sends him into intense pleasure and he begs for more. Monica massages the dessert in with his cock and it drives Nick absolutely wild. He knows that soon his firm erection won`t be able to take it much longer. Soon after he`s thrown into a huge climax, making a huge mess all over his own stomach. He gives a satisfied sigh and then a giant chuckle, saying,
Nick CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-02-21
Splashing around in the pool was loads of fun for Stasy and Missy, especially on a hot day like this. They were having such a good time, that is until Taras showed up and demanded that they leave the pool.
Taras CFNM Dogging

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Added 2015-02-20
Who wouldn't try to peek in on two hot teen girls in the spa? Especially when those two hot teen girls are Stasy and Missy! Well that's just what Slava was doing, and he was really enjoying it too! That is until he got caught. They ran out to confront him, and he had no idea what was going to happen next. A good spanking was definitely in order for Slava. But the girls had more things in mind to embarrass him. They got him down on the floor and made him do push-ups while Stasy was on his back. When he struggled, they made fun of him for being such a wimp, and then hopped on his back so he can parade them around the spa area. He hoisted Missy up on his shoulders like the queen she is, and then even gave her a piggy back ride.
Slava CFNM Dogging

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Added 2015-02-19
Lisa and Allison were looking at a magazine with hot shirtless boys when the pizza man came to deliver lunch. The girls sat him down and started talking with him. They had a great idea! They wanted to see the pizza man strip down and get naked for them. It was no deal for Gonza, but he was late with the delivery... that meant no money and Gonza couldn`t but accept the offer. Girls told him that they wanted to see more and that was a big tip in it for Gonza if he did. So the pizza man did as they asked and got nude. The girls explored his body and then fucked his ass with a vibrator, all leading up his explosive orgasm!
Gonza CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-02-18
Once again the lovely Mila and Jenny are taking a long stroll in the woods. They are chatting and having wonderful time until they run into Kuzya. The girls are sure what this guy is up to, but it looks like no good. He has a rope tied across the trail and the girls wonder if it is for fun or if he is trying to catch someone unaware. They decide to find out exactly what this guy is doing out in the woods with a rope. They jump him and begin to interrogate him Jenny and Mila style. They get him stark naked and begin to abuse his body. That rope he was using was perfect for tying his ass up and beginning his interrogation. They shove him on the ground, kick him and shove his face in the dirt as he attempts to do the push-ups that they demand of him. He even gets up and sings them a song in his best voice, but they aren`t buying his sweetness. They laugh at his attempts and put his undies on his head. He feels so humiliated as they begin to play with his cock and giggle. He does try to make a break for it, but they catch him and shove his underwear even further down on his head and make him jerk his cock until he cums like a teenage boy. They leave him with his undies on his head in the middle of the hiking trail.
Kuzya CFNM Dogging 3

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Added 2015-02-17
It`s Ann`s birthday, so Kate and Ann decided to have a small birthday party in the office. For their entertainment, girls call in a boy named Zorro to join them. They order him to do a dance and then strip off all of his clothes, one piece at a time... but it`s not enough! Girls get out the whipped cream and start having a little fun with it, then jerk Zorro off!
Zorro CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-02-16
Jenny and Mila were taking one of their weekend hikes when they stopped for a break in the woods. They had brought a couple of waters with them, but they were down to their last one and after taking a few sips they put it on the ground while they caught their breath. Alesha just found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him. Not thinking he kicked the bottle on his way down the hiking trail and Jenny and Mila couldn`t believe what this jerk had done. They tracked him down and asked him what his problem was. When he told them they laughed and explained it could have been a lot worse. He could have kicked over two mean bitches last bottle of water. At that he looks a bit panic stricken and the girls begin to undress him. They make him do push-ups with his jeans around his ankles and of course they take turns sitting on him to add even more pressure. They beat on his ass with a wooden plank and a leather belt. They put his jacket back on him and poke fun at how his cock looks as it swings in the breeze while he has his coat on. Jenny and Mila make him stroke his cock until he erupts a huge load on the ground, then they turn around and walk off leaving him naked in the woods to think about all the reasons that his cheating girlfriend could be a blessing in disguise.
Alesha CFNM Dogging

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Added 2015-02-15
Sarah and Jen were walking through the park when they came across Andrey with his notepad.
Andrey CFNM Dogging

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Added 2015-02-14
Theo was given a relatively easy task by his girlfriend Monica, but lack of motivation kept him from doing these simple chores. So when Monica came home with her best friend Lisa to find Theo asleep, she is fairly upset to say the least. Both girls beat him awake with pillows, and give him a good lecturing. After hearing his story out, they find out all he needs is a little encouragement, and decide a different kind of beating could stimulate him into cleaning. Monica and Lisa help him take off his shirt, and begin to admire his sleek, shaved chest. Next they take off his pants and start to rub and caress his firm, savory ass. They didn`t focus too long on his buns of steel because they knew his man meat was what controlled his desire to satisfy their needs. Both girls took turns grasping and jerking the rock hard, delicious cock in their hands. But they won`t let him get off that easy! Monica grabs a cane in her hand and gives him a hot spanking for not tidying up in the first place. Their attention goes back to his engorged member. After much stroking and wanking from the girls, he shoots his hot sticky cum all over his pulsating stomach. Now being given the inspiration to finally do his share of work, Theo quickly realizes something. He laughs and says,
Theo CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-02-13
Kostik thought that he was slick because no one else was around, and Mila was laying down and catching some rays. So he grabbed his camera and started taking pictures. He`s laughing to himself, lining up the perfect shot. . . BUSTED! Sindy catches him in the act, which wakes up Mila. Now he`s in for it! He gets tossed to the ground as Mila grabs his camera.
Kostik CFNM Dogging

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Added 2015-02-12
Honzik visits his friend Ann that is working. When Ann gets a phone call from her co-worker, Kate, she leaves to go meet up with her. Honzik, now all alone, gets aroused by looking at porn DVD and starts to jerk off. While Honzik is stroking away, Ann and Kate return and catch him in the act! They force him to strip, then fuck him in the ass with vibrator, then jerk him off until he cums.
Honzik CFNM Fever

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Added 2015-02-11


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