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Marco checked over and over again to see if anyone was around, but once he found no one in sight, he took out his cock to start beating off. He had seen some hotties around that really made his dick stiff. He just started getting his rhythm going, and then out of nowhere, Maria and Stacy showed up! They caught him in the act being naughty, and you know what that means. They started off by scolding him about masturbating, telling him how bad he is getting caught by them, and then decides to show him what it would be like to feel shame in front of everyone. They struggle, but wrestle his clothes right off his body. Because they struggled so much, they decided that he needed extra punishment, so they spanked his ass hard until it glowed, and then decided to draw on him a little for their own amusement. Marco hated feeling so helpless outside where anyone can see him. They used whatever they could find to tie him up for further punishment. As he struggled and became even more embarrassed, they began teasing his cock. As if being naked wasn`t shameful enough, now he was hard outdoors! They stroked his cock while rubbing his body, making his dick swollen and ready to blow. He had to give in to make it all stop, and with a beauty in each arm, he shot his load all over himself. They even made him lick it all up! The poor bastard.
Marco CFNM Dogging

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Added 2014-12-21
Milos is bored at work decides to search for something of interest on his laptop, and nothing is more interesting than porn. He starts to unzip his jeans and begins a good stroking session. His co-workers, Ann and Kate, walk in on him. At first, they become angry at him but then decide to teach him a hard lesson. They strip off his clothes, ride him like a horse to humiliate him, then they jerk him off.
Milos CFNM Fever

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Added 2014-12-20
Laura and Stacy just finished having a party, and are getting ready to go to bed. As they are heading up to their rooms, they find that one of their guests, Kuzya, is completely passed out on their stairwell. Not taking too kindly to him making himself at home, they decide to punish him before kicking him out. Laura strips off his clothes, leaving him in nothing but underwear and Stacy checks to see if there`s any other guests that decided to stick around. As Laura binds him to the stairwell, she notices that Kuzya starts waking up, but is still too drunk to fight back. Both girls grab some party paint pens, and begin drawing all over him.
Kuzya CFNM Dogging

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Added 2014-12-19
Honzik visits his friend Ann that is working. When Ann gets a phone call from her co-worker, Kate, she leaves to go meet up with her. Honzik, now all alone, gets aroused by looking at porn DVD and starts to jerk off. While Honzik is stroking away, Ann and Kate return and catch him in the act! They force him to strip, then fuck him in the ass with vibrator, then jerk him off until he cums.
Honzik CFNM Fever

CFNM Photos
Added 2014-12-18
Efim is working out at the gym before closing. He doesn`t see two girls, Laura and Stacy come in, and almost hits them with a sports shell.
Efim CFNM Dogging

CFNM Photos
Added 2014-12-17
Blonde goddesses Maria and Stacy were enjoying their day, having a smoke, walking around, and then things got a bit frisky for them. They began making out on the path, and Kostya caught all the action while he was taking a piss. Since he already had his cock in his hand, he started beating off to the sight of them getting nude with each other. You should have found a bigger tree to hide behind, Kostya. They immediately caught him with his first moan, and ran over to dish out a severe punishment. Stripped nude and looking for a place to hide, Maria and Stacy made him get down on the ground, kicking him, and then made him carry them around like the princesses they are. Now he had no way to conceal himself from the world, and this is a well-trodden path! Since he liked looking at them being intimate, they thought that they`d give him a show while forcing him to masturbate. This was definitely not what he wanted, because he could at least hide a bit before. Now he was in full view and being forced to touch himself. They rubbed him and each other, taking off their shirts and squeezing their tits while he was getting ready to cum. He shot his sticky jizz all over himself to the delight of the girls, who quickly gathered their shirts and left him covered in sticky man goo. Kostya needs a lesson in being a good boy!
Kostya CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-12-16
At a local cafe, the girls decide to sit down and have some coffee. When their waitor comes over, one of the girls instantly recognizes him! They grab him by his arm and force him into doing everything they wanted him to do. They started with taking off his shirt and his pants. The humiliation started when they told him to serve them naked and each time he came over, they would perform embarrassing acts on him. Starting with some light spanking, the fun ended with him getting his dick jerked until he came all over their hands, all while laying on their table!
Zorro CFNM Fever 2

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Added 2014-12-15

Max CFNM Dogging

CFNM Photos
Added 2014-12-14
The girls were looking through a magazine filled with muscular guys in front of their skinny friend Terry. Getting turned on, the girls wanted Terry to take his shirt off and show them how big his muscles were! When he took his shirt off, the girls were disappointed. Terry was anything but muscular, no matter how hard he tried to flex the little muscles he did have. They made him strip the whole way down and started to perform acts of humiliation on him! They started with making him spread his legs wide open, clamped clothes pins on his nipples and chest, and ending with him masturbating as the girls watched!
Terry CFNM Fever

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-12-13
The girls order a pizza during their lunch break at work. It was an exhausting morning, and they were very hungry. An hour passed and they wonder where on earth their food was! Finally, 45 minutes later, Gleb, the pizza boy, arrives. They refuse to pay him for being so late, which causes him to beg, saying he'll do anything in order to make up for it. Stacy and Maria whisper to each other and come up with a plan.
Gleb CFNM Dogging 2

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-12-12
Girls made the boys keep their dicks out and they all looked at the magazines together. Before they knew it, Ken and Marco were being told to strip off their clothes and bend over to show their naked asses! The girls were enjoying watching the boys getting naked and exploring their naked bodies. After the girls were done looking and touching them all over, she told them to continue doing what they were doing before they walked back in the room. The two boys sat there and looked through the magazine together while stroking their cocks in front of Lisa and her girl friend while they watched them!
Ken Marco CFNM Fever 2

CFNM Photos
Added 2014-12-11
Splashing around in the pool was loads of fun for Stasy and Missy, especially on a hot day like this. They were having such a good time, that is until Taras showed up and demanded that they leave the pool.
Taras CFNM Dogging

CFNM Photos
Added 2014-12-10
Jennifer was over at her friends apartment that was in need of some cleaning. She told Allison of a cleaning service that she used once before but that the guy had almost broke one of her vases in the process. Giving the service another shot, the girls called the cleaning service and had them send someone over. The guy the service sent over was the same guy who Jennifer had hired! When she recognized him, Jennifer knew that they had to humiliate him! The girls made him strip nude and had him clean the apartment totally naked, then made Ken jerk off as they watched.
Ken CFNM Fever

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-12-09
Who wouldn't try to peek in on two hot teen girls in the spa? Especially when those two hot teen girls are Stasy and Missy! Well that's just what Slava was doing, and he was really enjoying it too! That is until he got caught. They ran out to confront him, and he had no idea what was going to happen next. A good spanking was definitely in order for Slava. But the girls had more things in mind to embarrass him. They got him down on the floor and made him do push-ups while Stasy was on his back. When he struggled, they made fun of him for being such a wimp, and then hopped on his back so he can parade them around the spa area. He hoisted Missy up on his shoulders like the queen she is, and then even gave her a piggy back ride.
Slava CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-12-08
When Mila and Jenny see huge bricks and stones flying through the open windows of a condemned building at them they are freaked out. Why the hell someone would threw rocks and crap at them. They of course went into the building to find out. They found Fedya flinging rocks outside the window, and when asked what he was doing, he tells them that he is bored. Jenny and Mila look at each other and decide to help this idiot guy become UNbored. They tell him that they will take the boredom from his life, to start getting naked. He laughs he can`t believe his good luck as he begins to remove his clothing until he sees the twinkle in their eye. They take his belt and wrap it around his neck as a collar and stare into his eyes letting him know this won`t be a fun trip into the woods. They get him on his knees after enjoying a quick peek at his ass and ride him like a pony. His knees begin to get all cut up from the rough stone of the buildings floor, but they make him do push-ups before letting him stand up again like a man. After they beat him enough they decide to humiliate him and make him masturbate in front of them. He does what they tell him to although he is very embarrassed, but that doesn`t stop him from shooting a cumload into his hands.
Fedya CFNM Dogging

CFNM Photos
Added 2014-12-07
Monica and Lisa were looking for a new roommate, and decide to hold interviews to find one. Bobby was the first one up, and immediately both girls wanted to get to know him better on a more personal level. They coax him onto the bed, flirtingly asking him if they could check and see if he lives up to their standards. Hungrily he says yes and lets the girls strip him down to his underwear. They admire his gorgeous body and let him know he passed test #1. Ready for the next challenge, they take off his underwear, and begin fondling his remarkable ass. Monica then pulls out a porn magazine, and starts smacking the smooth mound of flesh, checking its durability. Test #2 passed. While looking at the magazine, Bobby points something out and Monica chooses to reenact it. She positions herself behind him and begins to massage his hard cock with her feet. Although quite ticklish at first, it begins to turn him on even more and begs for Lisa to continue playing with his dick. Monica wants to test out another picture she saw, and takes a hair dryer and heats up Trevor`s already boiling hot shaft. She then turns him around and gives his beautiful, smooth ass a good heating up as well. Now to pass the last trial, they make Trevor stroke himself to orgasm, ejaculating sticky jizz all over his body. It`s unanimous; the girls have a new roommate!
Bobby CFNM Fever

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-12-06
Jenny and Mila were taking one of their weekend hikes when they stopped for a break in the woods. They had brought a couple of waters with them, but they were down to their last one and after taking a few sips they put it on the ground while they caught their breath. Alesha just found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him. Not thinking he kicked the bottle on his way down the hiking trail and Jenny and Mila couldn`t believe what this jerk had done. They tracked him down and asked him what his problem was. When he told them they laughed and explained it could have been a lot worse. He could have kicked over two mean bitches last bottle of water. At that he looks a bit panic stricken and the girls begin to undress him. They make him do push-ups with his jeans around his ankles and of course they take turns sitting on him to add even more pressure. They beat on his ass with a wooden plank and a leather belt. They put his jacket back on him and poke fun at how his cock looks as it swings in the breeze while he has his coat on. Jenny and Mila make him stroke his cock until he erupts a huge load on the ground, then they turn around and walk off leaving him naked in the woods to think about all the reasons that his cheating girlfriend could be a blessing in disguise.
Alesha CFNM Dogging

CFNM Movies
Added 2014-12-05
Ken and Marco sat down with their friend Lisa and were talking about the pressures of studying. While Kate flipped through her college text book, the guys flipped through a nude magazine and looked at provocative pictures of hot naked women. Suddenly Lisa got a phone call and had to leave boys alone for some time. While she was away, the boys continued to look through the naughty magazines together. They ended up getting so aroused, that they pulled out their cocks and started to jerk off. To their surprise, Lisa had come back into the room earlier than what they thought, and she brought a friend of hers! They felt so embarrassed and wanted to quickly stuff their hard cocks back into their pants, but Lisa and her friend had something better in mind... (To be continued...)
Ken Marco CFNM Fever 1

CFNM Photos
Added 2014-12-04


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