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Auto work accident

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

First experience that really turned me on in the CFNM area was when I had been doing some auto work for a lady that I had also be trying to date for some time.

She seemed to only have a limited interest in me romantically and I was getting rather tired of continually repairing her car only to go for a drink and have her call it a night and go leave.
So I decided to try to see if I could generate something more interesting.

After finishing her tune-up, I came back into my house to find her watching TV.  I struck up a conversation with her and told her the car was done and asked her if she wanted to go for some lunch with me.

She agreed and turned of the TV and stood up ready to leave but I walked into my bedroom with her close behind me, expecting me to just get a jacket and leave.
I opened the closet and pulled out a shirt and pants and laid them on the bed, while discussing what kind of food she was interested in.
Keeping her chatting as she stood in the bedroom door way, I casually slipped off my shoes and started unbuttoning my shirt.
I expected her to realise I was going to undress and leave, but she didn’t.
So I keep chatting, removed my shirt and jeans, threw them into a laundry basket and while still talking, just casually removed my underware.
I was standing there totally naked.  She was looking straight at my now hardening cock and I just kept talking to her about a couple of places I would like to try out for interesting food.
Deciding on the Fish Market, I picked up my pants, pulled them on but left them unzipped with my fully erect cock hanging out and put on my shirt, allowing me to tuck it in, and then tucked in my cock and zipped up.
Putting on my socks and shoes, we left, had a nice dinner and unfortunately, she again went home with out me afterwards…

(STORY BY: goodgunsm)

The 3rd date

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Shortly after meeting a plump but cute Asian lady, I made the decision that she was very shy and there was never going to be any erotic play between us.
She always wore long dresses and never responded to any kind of advances with any passion.
One day she came by my house to help with some computer programs she had given me and after she was finished we were going to go out to a movie.
Think of the other lady I wrote about, I decided to go with the same routine.  As I hadn’t planned it out I didn’t even have any clothes laid out.
She was seated on my bed and after telling her I would be ready to go as soon as I changed clothes I started asking questions about what she had done on the computer and started unbuttoning my shirt.
Her eyes got somewhat bigger but she made no move to leave the room.  
I undressed slowly, leaving her plenty of time to make her exit.
When I removed my underware and made my way to the dresser directly beside her, her eyes were wide open and all pretense of conversation had ended.
No I was totally naked in front of a lady I had only dated about 3 times and never gotten past a goodnight kiss.
I was also completely erect by now.
I slowly dressed, asking her opinion about two different pairs of slacks before putting on my underware.
Too soon I was dressed and we went out for dinner and a movie.
This time, after the movie she came back to my house because her car was there and followed me into my room.
I wasn’t sure what her feelings were or what she expected so I asked her outright if she had enjoyed the show before we left.
Giggling, she admited it was shocking but she did enjoy it as she hadn’t had much opportunity to see men naked in full light.
I asked her if she would like a repeat of the show and she ploppled down on the side of the bed and with a big smile told me ‘Sure’.
This time I made a point of being directly in front of her as I disrobed.  Laying my clothes on the chair to keep the bed clear, I stripped completly and took my cock in my hand and asked her what she thought.
I was standing and she was setting and my cock was directly in front of her eyes.  She just stared at it and didn’t say anything.
I asked her if she would like to touch it and took her hand and laid my erect cock into her palm.
She caressed me and played with it for some time.
I then layed down on the bed and told her she was free to exam it as close and as long as she desired.
She did look it over, touch it and play with it then finally layed down beside me and we started cuddling and kissing.
All the time she was fullly clothed and I was naked.
Eventually she went home but I made it a point of getting totally naked in front of her every chance I got and she seemed to love it.
Eventually we did become lovers and the sex was good but teasing her and exposing myself to her in the car and wherever I could was the most exciting part.

(STORY BY: goodgunsm)

Hospital love story

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Probably the best story that you’re fishing for would be one health aide that I’d had for about a week.  This means I saw her twice a day for two hours each time, once in the morning and once in the later afternoon.  We really hit it off the first few days and while she was adjusting my shirt one day, we ended up making out. The same happened in the afternoon, we really were attracted to one another.  
Well, I mentioned what happened to my more regular health care worker, who is a guy, a real “guys’ guy” who is kind of a stereotypical over-sexualized dude.  Well, he totally gave me the thumbs up and the congenial pat on the back as the girl really was hot I was quite attracted to her.  Anyway, he joked about how he was going to slip one of my Viagra in with my pills (that I take three times daily and are in an organizer that I can’t get at physically) for the next time she was going to work for me.  I really thought he was joking, and threatened him that he better not even think about it.  I honestly didn’t imagine that he would do it.
So, she worked a couple mornings after that and  when she gave me my pills, I didn’t think twice about taking them as I’d totally forgotten that he even joked around about it.  Well, after I finished my breakfast and we were to head into the shower, I noticed my body feeling fuzzy, my vision getting a little weird and my cock starting to make a tent in the towel.  That’s when I realized that the dickhead hadn’t been joking.
I was seriously mad about it at first because it really put me in a sorely awkward situation.  And I was completely uncertain as to what her reaction would be.  This was all made especially worse because everyone that works with me knows that if I’ve got a raging hard on, it’s because I took something quadriplegics just don’t get completely hard on their own 99% of the time.  (Save for morning erections).
Well, I was very embarrassed, especially once we got into my shower stall and she took my towel off.  There really was no hiding it.  She was like, “oh my God!  Did you, um, take something?”  So I acted like I had no idea what was going on, then faked a moment of enlightenment as I “figured out” out loud that it must’ve been a prank pulled by my other health aide.
She was really pissed about this, because we had both promised not to tell anyone about the fact that we had messed around.  That’s a big no-no with an health care agency, or at least they talk a big game.  So yeah, my shower went from being a regular one with her taking longer and longer looks at my hard on, to her having to wash my groin, to her asking to touch to see how hard it was, to getting a hand job there in the shower awhile.  Once that got a bit old and the water started turning cold, we went back into my room and that’s where the real fun began.
Yes, we had sex after a bit of 69ing and other foreplay.  So there you have it…

(STORY BY: Superfluous)

Young nurses (Part 2)

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

(Click here for Part 1)  

Well I came up with nothing.  The 18 year old took the washcloths to the bucket of water while the 22 year old reached for the gown.  This was the moment I dreaded.  There’s no doubt in my mind that my catheter alone is going to draw extra attention to my genitals, and I have no idea what they are going to think about my size and manscaping.  The 22 year old grabs the gown and totally removes it, the moment of truth.  I look down and am pleasantly surprised by what I see, I look pretty hung.  I’ve since realized that my tighty whities greatly contribute to my shrinkage.  When I’m commando with just a sheet or gown covering me my boys really like to stretch out, sort of like being in a warm shower.
Now I’m actually feeling a lot better about my predicament.  I’m still embarrassed being naked in front of 2 women near my age and I’m not sure what they think about my shaving, but at least it looks pretty impressive flaccid.  I can tell there’s a bit of tension now in the room and it gets quiet.  I get the feeling that the 2 girls feel a little bit embarrassed because I might be embarrassed.  To break the tension I say, “Well here I am.”  The two giggle and the tension dissipates.  As the two start on my lower legs I notice them taking peaks at my genital area.  I thought it was a bit odd to take the gown off to do my legs, but didn’t really mind now.  The two worked their way up to my thighs, soaping and rinsing off.  Running out of “safe” areas to wash, the 22 year old is the first to touch a private area.  She reaches between my legs and lifts my scrotum to wash underneath it.  This made my legs spasm and both my heels came towards my ass, sort of “Indian style”.  Holding my scrotum in her left hand and washcloth in her right she looks at me and asks, “Did I hurt you?”  Something about a nurse looking at your face with your manhood in her hand is really hot.  “No” I replied, “They just jump sometimes.”
As the nurse continues with my sack the young girl is just staring at my midsection while drying off my thigh.  The spasm has left me rather spread eagle and, as spasms often do, my flaccid penis begins to grow.  Now this has me very embarrassed.  I was quite happy looking large flaccid because the girls could only guess how big it might get and I’d rather they didn’t know.  Now they were going to see and I rather doubt either knew that I can’t control erections.  So as the nurse works around my scrotum, Mr. Happy comes from pointing down at the bed to laying on my stomach.  Both are obviously taking a good look at fluid mechanics in action.  I think they were rather shocked at what they were seeing.  
After witnessing the miracles of the male erection I think the nurse detected my embarrassment.  She told the young girl to go get a change of sheets and a clean gown for me.  She then grabbed my shaft with her left hand and began washing it.  Looking back on this it is real hot, but it was rather nerve racking at the time.  She starts soaping me up almost like she’s jacking me off, with the washcloth wrapped around my shaft in her hand.  This sets off a couple more spasms that startle her.  She does the same to rinse the soap off.
Now she has to clean around my catheter, which my erection lays on top of.  She rinses off her washcloth and soaps it up while carrying on a conversation and taking peeks at my midsection.  These conversations are always funny and meaningless, an attempt to pretend that we aren’t aware that one of us are nude.  She comes around to the left side of my bed and lifts my rock hard cock off of the catheter with her left hand.  She starts soaping up my Hitler mustache and the shaved area when I hear the footsteps of the young girl returning.  She slips between the curtains and I notice it’s not the young girl but the nurse from Friday!  We both let out a surprised “Oh!”  
I couldn’t be more embarrassed.  I really didn’t want this hot chick seeing me nude, now I’m nude with a hard-on in the hand of another nurse while she washed the base of my penis.  Visualize that for a second.  The Friday nurse took it in stride like nothing was happening.  She was there to take my vitals as is down on every shift change.  I figured she’d excuse herself until we were done, but she went right ahead with her work.  So while taking my temp a blood pressure I notice she seems to take a bit of an interest in the other nurse’s work; whose now finished soaping me up and is washing the soap off.  As she takes the blood pressure cuff off the young girl slips between the curtains with the gown and sheets.  
So now I’m laying spread eagle with a hard-on and three girls standing around me.  The Friday nurse says she’s never seen a suprapubic catheter before and asks if she can see the area and check the surrounding skin.  “Sure” I say, what the hell, she’s seen everything anyway.  She walks to the middle of the bed and asks the other nurse with gloves on to pick up my penis so she can see the area.  I guess her not grabbing it herself saved me a little dignity.  So one nurse is holding my dick and the 2 other girls are getting a good look at my shaved pubic region.  After a good 10 second look she says bye and leaves me in the care of the other 2.
The final stage of my bath was getting my backside washed and sheets changed.  All this manipulation of my dick still had it fully hard and this rolling wasn’t going to change that.  They have me roll towards the young girl so the nurse can wash my backside and change the sheets.  So the girl leans over my woody to grab my hip while the nurse gives me a shove up to my side.  I’m now facing the girl with my dick pointed right at her and she doesn’t mind checking it out.  At this point I don’t even care anymore.  After a good minute or 2 they roll me all the way to the other side to finish the sheet change.  Fifteen seconds or so later I’m back on my back, penis as hard as ever.  The nurse takes the bucket and lets the volunteer girl put the gown on me.  
And that’s where the story ends.  She unfolds the gown and lays the top on my chest.  She takes the bottom and tosses it towards my feet, which of course gets snagged on my woody.  She embarrassingly picks the fabric up off of it and brings it down to my knees, pitching a tent.  She helps my arms in and covers me with a sheet and both girls say bye.  I never saw the nurse again, but the young girl helped me with dinner later that evening, never mentioning our earlier encounter…


Young nurses (Part 1)

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

It was 1997 and I was attending a large state university in the south.  On a Thursday in September I started feeling ill.  Even though it was in the 90s outside I had a chill and couldn’t get warmed up.  That night I really struggled and when my aide got there in the morning I was running a fever of 102.  For fevers that high they have to admit you to a hospital.  There were a few hospitals in town and I decided to be admitted in the university hospital.  It really wasn’t a conscience decision; I just felt terrible and wanted to go to the closest one.
This was my second time in their emergency and it appears that the emergency room has an experienced staff.  It is a real hospital so it makes sense that they’d have experienced staff in emergency, not a bunch of students.  I showed up on a stretcher in just my underwear so there’s no need for undressing at this point.  I was pretty sure I had a urinary tract infection (UTI) as that is rather common for us.  They confirmed it and informed me that I’d need an antibiotic by IV so I’d be staying in the hospital for a few days.
Before going further I should explain something.  I have what’s known as a suprapubic catheter.  It’s a catheter that is inserted just above the pubic bone directly into the bladder.  It was a very common procedure done to quads at my rehab hospital to make life easier.  Being that it’s only about an inch or so above the penis, you have to be shaved for the surgery and keep the hair very short thereafter.  I would have the whole area shaved, save for a little Hitler mustache above me penis, every once in a while and let it grow back some until it’d get shaved again.  It just so happened that I had it shaved earlier that week.
Back to the experience.  I don’t remember how I ended up in the general issue birthday suit and gown, but I did.  I was then taken up to the 4th floor were I’d spend 4 days receiving fluids and antibiotics by IV.  The first noticeable change from the ER was the nurses.  I went from 30 and 40 something’s to girls my age, early 20s.  The very first one that visits me is a beautiful curly haired blonde, unbelievably cute!  She takes my temp and blood pressure and grabs me some water.  I saw a lot of her that 1st day because my temp was still high so she had to keep checking on me.  We developed a good report, even flirted a bit, but no nude situations, which was my preference at the time.
Saturday was pretty mundane.  I laid in bed watching college football while a number of average to well above average nurses came in and out.  I was really surprised that there were no ugly girls around.  It’s not uncommon to have nurses that outweigh you in regular hospitals, but the young girls here were in good shape.  The only CFNM that day involved a possible ass flash while they helped me turn in bed.  Nothing to write home about.
Once Sunday came around I was in need of a shower.  Apparently the staff thought that’d be a good idea also.  At about 10 AM they sent 2 girls in with a bucket, soap, shampoo and washcloths.  The first girl was a chunky black girl, probably around 30.  The other girl looked very young, high school, but I figured she must be at least 18 to be sent on this task.  She had a pretty good face, not like some of the knockouts I had been seeing, but her body was killer.  She was obviously in some type of training and the other girl was the supervisor.  Now if it had just been the older black girl I would’ve been fine with the bed bath, but at that time I was a bit uncomfortable with the young girl.  The thing was, besides her age, I’m more of a grower than a show-er and didn’t really want her to see that.  On top of that I have this rare catheter and I’m shaved, and I’m not sure how common that is in 1997.  I needed an excuse.  I told them I’d need my own face soap from my dorm and that my aide would have to get it.  So they left and I gave my aide a call.  She said she’d bring it about 3:30.  This was perfect, I’d get my much wanted bath and it’d get done after the 3:30 shift change and the young girl would be gone.
At about 3:15 my aide showed up with the soap.  I let the nurses’ station know and they said they’d send a crew after the shift change, about 3:45.  So I laid there in nervous anticipation, and boy was I nervous.  I was glad that the young girl was gone but so was the other girl, so who knew what I’d get next?  Right on schedule I hear a young voice, “Knock, knock”.  In walks the two and I immediately notice the 2nd girl; it’s the young girl again!  I let out a shocked, “Oh!  You’re still here?”  The other girl immediately went to fill up the bucket with water, so I chat with the young girl for a minute.  She says she’s just out of high school and just started at the local community college.  She’s going into nursing and volunteers at the hospital for 12 hours each Sunday, hoping it will help her resume for getting into the 4 year school I attend.  This was her 2nd day.
So now I have no choice but to go through with this, and I’m nearly sick from nerves.  The other girl returns and now I want to vomit.  I hadn’t really noticed her because she was in and out so quickly.  She was nearly as hot as my Friday nurse.  A gorgeous face, long wavy blonde hair and a southern accent.  She looked to be thin and had a small chest, but her ass was great.  She later said she was a 22 year old student in her final semester.
They start by laying the bed flat and wash my hair and face.  If it weren’t for my nerves this would’ve been great.  After that they raise the head of the bed and lower the gown to my waist, carefully negotiating the IV cords.  They both thoroughly wash my torso and help me lean forward to get my back.  I know what’s coming next so I try stalling a little longer.  I have them towel me off so I don’t catch a chill and try to figure my next move.
Well I came up with nothing.  The 18 year old took the washcloths to the bucket of water while the 22 year old reached for the gown.  This was the moment I dreaded…

To be continued… (Click here for Part 2)


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